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The Spa on Green Street was founded in 2004 with a vision to provide the finest in luxurious spa treatments and cutting-edge wellness treatments. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience with remarkable results. Choose from a facial, massage, waxing, tanning and world-class body treatments. Enjoy the benefits of the wellness treatments, including chiropractic care, private yoga instruction and cutting-edge nutritional therapies with the Naturopath/Registered Dietitian. These comprehensive wellness treatments lead to results which last a lifetime. We can support you through use of top quality homeopathics, botanicals and nutritional supplementation. Come browse the natural pharmacy when you are here.

We welcome the opportunity to help you look and feel your absolute best at The Spa On Green Street.

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Dr. Michelle Fehmel

As the daughter of a chemist, Dr. Michelle Fehmel was taught at an early age how to avoid any kind of chemicals (dyes/preservatives in foods, medications, etc) because of their far reaching deleterious effects on the body. She soon developed an interest in proper nutrition and exercise. However, even with her many efforts to stay healthy, Dr. Michelle suffered multiple bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia as a teenager. “My mother suggested that I should find a chiropractor, of which I knew very little about. After my first adjustment, I immediately noticed that I could breath better. Over several months of care, I wasn’t getting the upper respiratory infections any more.” This is when she discovered that chiropractic helped so much more than headaches and back pain. “Without the nerve interference, my immune system was finally working the way it was supposed to.”

Dr. Michelle Fehmel (pronounced fay’-mal) received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Boston College becoming a member of the psychology national honor society. She then attended New York Chiropractic College graduating cum laude with her Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2004. She recently received her Functional Medicine certification. Beginning in June, she can help you identify and address your concerns and discover permanent solutions.

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Dr. Jean Lawrence

Do you need a “health detective?” Are you looking for a healthcare practitioner who can help you find the true causes and root cause of your health imbalance?

Dr. Jean K. Lawrence, CCN, MH, CFMP, ND, NMD, PhD, DACBN is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Master Herbalist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Doctor of Naturopathy, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. She has her PhD in Natural Medicine, and is a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. Her passion is helping people regain their health by finding the root cause of their issue. She is well-versed in and utilizes bloodwork, saliva testing, hair analysis, and hormone and immune testing to decipher people’s health puzzle.

She has received advanced training in the ReCODE Alzheimer's protocol from Dr. Dale Bredesen, the author of "The End of Alzheimer's" and specializes in neuroendocrinology. As a functional medicine practitioner, she looks at the whole person, not just one part, to make her recommendations as effective as possible. Dr. Jean is available on Thursdays.

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Steve Collins, DAOM

Steven Collins, DAOM, has been practicing Chinese medicine since 2001. Focusing on acupuncture, tui na, qi kung and other tools from the toolbox of Chinese medicine, he treats many complaints including pain of all sorts, fatigue and “sticky” diseases. His primary practice principle is that any given presentation can be treated with a minimum number of needles. Steven is well regarded in the medical community and by his patients. He began his medical studies in the mid-eighties. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in psychology, he became a paramedic. He worked in Las Vegas and in Florida for eight years prior to becoming the Director of Continuing Education for Emergency Medicine of Valencia College in Orlando. After becoming a Registered Nurse, Steven accepted the position of Education Director for Highlands Hospital in North Carolina. He worked in the areas of chemical dependency, psychology and emergency medicine.

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Testimonials are a great way to express how happy, excited,
wonderful and amazing your experience was with us.

  • I know it must seem like I just ran through the survey and clicked "Extremely Satisfied" to get through it. Not true. This was the very first time that I've ever done a massage, and I never would have except I wasn't told that I was going until it was already booked! That was amazing! Virginia was attentive and did an amazing job. The entire staff was friendly and inviting. The whole experience was beyond compare and I'm a believer. I'll be back to your spa repeatedly and look forward to it!
    -Brian Sager
  • I have probably been to over a dozen different spas over the years and this was by far the best experience I’ve ever had. Every spa has it finer points, the things they do better than others. I can honestly say you hit every single point right on the mark.
    -Eva Sager
  • I am amazed because I feel so much better in every way, it was a great experience and I will be back.
    -Judy Clark
  • Loved Alicia and the care she took of us as we prepared for our weekend wedding. Appreciate all the professionalism of the staff and the products available. Will certainly be back.
    -Dianne Denniston
  • Whitney was very professional. She made me feel at ease, she listened to me when she asked initial questions, applied the perfect amount of pressure and gave me tips to better myself and work on problem areas. I felt like melted butter as I relaxed the rest of my day away. Not to mention she was so sweet and likable. I will definitely be back. Another quality I noticed was her genuine love for her job and appreciation for the other employees. She mentioned other services and therapist with varying techniques. I was very impressed.
    -Danielle Sosbee
  • My massage was totally unplanned and Anne who booked my appointment was a delight. Kathy was incredible. Her years of experience were clearly evident in her dire, soothing and very knowledgeable touch. I was blessed with a voucher and my hectic single mom life doesn’t include any massage spoils but I will certainly be making a plan to come back and see Kathy. What an asset she is to you. My only suggestion would be a coat hanger or two in the bathroom or back of the door to hang clothes. I was incredibly impressed with the Spa and my incredible service. Thank you
    – Belinda Muller
  • My Mellow Mama massage was a very nice treat and I hope to be back very soon for another one before baby gets here.
    -Amber Sanderson
  • Thiane was amazing and I really have felt relief from my massage.
    -Andria Phillips
  • This was my first time receiving a massage. My sister and I gave our mom a gift certificate here for Christmas and she absolutely loved it, so I knew I would too. Kathy O. was wonderful! She was so caring on my needs and walked me through the massage since I had never had one and even showed me the products she used on me. My mom and I went together and we highly believe we got our money's worth. I will be back soon and will recommend the Spa on Green Street to everyone. I can't say enough things about how comfortable I felt, from the moment I walked in to the moment I left, I was treated with the utmost care and relaxation.
    -Erin Ryder
  • Kathy was my masseuse and I enjoyed having her to do the service. she was very courteous and helpful. I plan to use her again when and if I return. I enjoyed the experience since it was my first and had no expectations at all.
    - Cynthia
  • This was such a great experience! From the herbal tea to the amazing massage to the hot towels and home care recommendations. It was the perfect girls day for us while vacationing at Lake Lanier. Such a beautiful facility with character and southern charm! Your staff was over-the-top friendly and welcoming! They even gave us a great lunch recommendation. We loved it!
    -Lindsay Duke
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my service. I will be coming back to the Spa on Green Street in the future. Thank you
    -Jessica Lovell
  • This was my first time ever to get a massage or a facial. Lisa and Whitney were fantastic. I will be back and will request them. Hooked to massage!!!
    -Pamela Bennett
  • This was my first time at the spa, and from walking into the door till conclusion, it was one of the best spa experiences I have had. Everyone was attentive and genuinely glad to assist my daughter, and I. We will return
    - Kim Jackson
  • The spa experience was a mother/daughter day and we had a great time. Thank you for making it a special day!
    -Wendee Maxwell
  • I have very sensitive skin, but enjoy spa treatments. I truly appreciate the therapists taking the time to research which products worked best on my skin. I will be back! 
Thanks for being great!
    -Natasha Kimsey
  • Looking forward to coming back soon.
    -Susan Nix
  • Was an amazing experience! Best massage we have ever had and it's the only place we will ever go back to!
    -Amber Adams
  • Joshua was fantastic! Everyone was attentive kind and warm. Service was on point! Will most definitely recommend to others.
    -Emily Hudson
  • Loved my massage & foot scrub T'sheena was fabulous!
    -Jan Freeman
  • Beautiful experience!
    -Cathy Wilkerson
  • I had a very enjoyable experience and was very impressed with the beautiful facility! Polly and the front desk staff were awesome! Thank you! I will be back! :)
    -Jody Emerson
  • My visit exceeded all of my expectations! Your staff and therapists were all super warm and friendly. My massage was equally as good as any I've had at Ritz Carlton spas. I love that I have found you and will definitely be visiting again!
    -Michelle Gray
  • Lisa was great. Also other staff members were very warm. I was nervous getting my first spray tan for my wedding but everyone put me at ease.
    -Vikki Fox
  • From the moment I signed in I felt welcomed. The staff was warm and friendly!
Joshua was an amazing therapist and focused on areas of concern! 
The entire experience was PERFECT! And the best deep tissue massage I've had in years!
Thank you!!! I look forward to seeing you all again!
    -Melissa Gabriel
  • My husband and I enjoyed our spa experience greatly. It was the first one we had ever done a massage together and we both enjoyed getting to relax, as our fitness studio is so fast-paced. It lead to a very restful evening that was much needed. We both thank you for your gracious hospitality and although our massages were a gift from one of our clients, I feel quite sure we will visit again sometime in the future.
    -Marian Harris
  • Lisa made me feel quite comfortable! Thoroughly enjoyed!!
    -Becky Lyons
  • It was like being reborn with a new energy and anew mind set of how the body needs this to be rejuvanated and stay health
    -Delbert Shell
  • This was the most luxurious massage I have ever had and I have had many good ones.
    -Jean Malcom
  • I loved this place! Very sweet people and a great, relaxing massage!! I will definitely be back. :)
    -Aly Collins
  • Alicia Davis was a wonderful therapist! I have never had a facial, but it was very refreshing and relaxing. I will return to have another one in the next few months! It was a delightful experience overall. Thanks to Heather Phillips at the front desk i felt pampered from the very start!! See you soon
    -Elaine Curtis
  • The front desk staff members were so friendly as well as any employee that passed by while I was waiting. The atmosphere was so relaxing with the oil scents. The doctor was so helpful and I'm already feeling better! Thank you!
    -Andrea Schuman
  • This was my 1st massage experience and I will be back. Roxann was very professional and understanding to my needs. I feel very comfortable and relaxed for my entire visit from the time I stepped in the front door until I left. Roxann is awesome and will be back sooner than later.
    -Charles Payne
  • Claudia was wonderful! It was a great experience!
    -Mono Shofill
  • Once you enter the building, you really don't want to leave. Thank you for accommodating us and making us feel we were the most important people in the world.
    -Michael Day
  • This was my first visit to your spa and my experience was WONDERFUL!!! Everyone was delightful, very personable, and made me feel very welcome. I had both a facial and a massage for Valentines Day and the experience at your spa made my day very special. Both of my therapists were very knowledgeable and very personable. (Alicia and Kathy O.) I will definitely be back and will spread the good word around about your spa!
    -Debbie Webb