Don't let time or money stop you from visiting us, choose an express version of one of our popular services. Our specialzed "add-on" services are designed to enhance any of our Spa treatments, giving you that "little extra" that you deserve.

Dry Brushing

An ideal complement to massage and body therapies for extra cellulite treatment and lymphatic stimulation. A complimentary take home dry brush is included.

15 minute $30

Eye Rejuvenation

A great rejuvenating additiona to any facial. With the use of specialized collagen eye pads, we rehydrate and refresh the delicate skin around your eyes. This treatment reduces puffiness and addresses fine-lines and wrinkles with immediate results!

No time added to facial


Herbal Poultice Steam Therapy

A great detoxifying addition to any of our massages or facials! A combination of olive and sunflower organic oils and 22 organic herbs are delivered to your body. Gently steam infuses natures wonders for deep penetration of moisturizers to restore skin elasticity and tone as your scalp is massaged.

This is a 30-minute service $45

Lip Rejuvenation

Helps Soften yours lips and rejuvenates for a plump, youthful appearance. This added hydration and super anti-oxidant mask assists to diminish fine lines.

No time added to facial


Meridian Facial Recontouring Massage

Adapted from the ancient technique of guā shā, meridian massage fuses the TCM meridian theory used in acupuncture into Western esthetic techniques by massaging key meridian facial points along energy pathways using unique tools for increased circulation, younger-looking skin and overall wellness benefits.

This is a 30-minute service $50

Mini Facial

This abridged version of our Turn Back the Clock–Customized Anti-Aging Facial includes a full cleansing and hydration minus the steaming and extractions. This is a quick service for those on the go or to add to any of our massage therapies.

This is a 30-minute service $50

The Spa on Green Street Signature Foot Treatment

Pairs well with any one-hour service. Start with a gentle exfoliation with grapefruit and sugar, followed by an intense moisturizing with Shea butter to renew and revitalize your tired feet. Add the cool sensation of pure peppermint to finish your ultra-sweet experience!

This is a 30-minute service $45

Scalp Massage

An excellent choice to add to any massage or facial. Choose one of our 8 AromaChords that hydrate and stimulate the scalp and sooth your stress away; the ultimate in relaxation!

This is a 15-minute service $15

The Spa on Green Street Express Massage

A great complement to a mini-facial for those who want to be pampered but are short on time.

30 min $50

Jane Iredale Event Makeup Application

Let our trained Spa Specialist or Estheticians find your perfect color palette and create a look that suits your lifestyle or get made over for a special event. We are here to help answer your questions and educate you in all things beauty.

45 min $65