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Can you believe it? The holidays are almost here. It’s the season of giving! With all the exciting holiday celebrations approaching, it’s important for us to remember to be thankful for what we have and to give back to others to show our appreciation.

It’s time to Fall back starting November 5th. Take advantage of this extra hour to get important things done, to sleep in or to stop by the spa to indulge in your favorite treatments!
On Veterans Day, we honor all the men and women who have served (and are serving) in the U.S. Armed Forces. Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of giving thanks for all blessings and expressing love and gratitude to family members, loved ones and dear friends.

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This month, we’re donating a percentage of the proceeds to our favorite charity.

From all of us here at The Spa On Green Street, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! 


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The holiday season is challenging for everyone! Staying on track with healthy eating choices can seem like an impossible task, especially during this time of year. But, excess pounds don't just disappear once January rolls around … and you don’t want to start the new year with having to lose weight, do you? 

Well, you don’t have to! Follow these eight tips to keep your weight down while enjoying tasty holiday treats this season: 

1. Weigh Yourself Twice Per Week - That's often enough for you to make sure you’re staying on track, but not too often that you take all the joy out of sampling your favorite holiday treats. Step on the scale first thing in the morning, when your stomach is empty.

 2. Get Your Groove On In The A.M. - Morning exercise can help ensure that you stick to better eating habits throughout the day. Studies show that when a person works out in the a.m., they not only move more for the rest of the day, but they’re also less tempted to eat high-calorie foods.

 3. Be Very Selective - Whatever type of meal venue it is, make note of everything that is being offered first before you load your plate with foods you normally wouldn’t choose. Picking only the food items you truly want and having them in moderation will help you feel more satisfied and you’ll be less likely to give in to late night cravings.

4. Fit Your Workouts In - If you can't get to your favorite yoga class or find time for the treadmill, fit in a few minutes of exercise any way you can. Just 10-15 minutes of jumping rope or dancing each day can help you maintain your fitness level as well as enable you to stay limber.

5. Keep That Sweet Tooth In Check - Practice the “3 Bite Rule” to satiate your palate and keep calories at bay; you’ll experience that first delicious taste which is amazing, the satisfying middle bite and then a lingering third taste.

6. Take Your Time - We know, it's hard to do this when you’re hungry and the food tastes delicious. But chewing your food slowly gives your brain time to receive the message from your digestive system that you’ve had enough to eat.

7. Limit Alcoholic Consumption - It’s easy to get carried away with drinking when you’re in a fun and festive environment, but limiting yourself to three alcoholic beverages for the entire evening will save you hundreds of calories.

8. Check With A Wellness Professional – You’ll be provided with more great tips to stay fit this season!


This holiday season, try a different spin on traditional turkey dishes with this hearty and tasty recipe! It’s a great alternative to beef and rice stuffed peppers as well as being a healthier choice because it contains turkey and nutritious vegetables. Enjoy these delicious Turkey Stuffed Peppers this winter and savor every bite!


See you soon at The Spa on Green Street!

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