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As we head into the pinnacle of summer, it’s time to enjoy beaches, picnics, parades, boats, parties, weddings, reunions and barbecues. These are the days we dream about all year. We savor these wonderful moments because we live free in this amazing country. With the Fourth of July in just a few short days, it got us thinking about how thankful we are for this country we call home.

This time of year is usually full of fun events and get-togethers. If you’re looking for a gift, need to hit the reset button on your skincare regimen, or simply want your legs to look perfect in that new dress, come in and spend time with us.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


It's Time For Rescue Calm!

How is your summer going? July 4th is coming around and we are here to help you, your children and your pets through this wonderful month filled with family, friends and fireworks!

Rescue Calm is a homeopathic combination formula containing five flower essences traditionally used for emergency situations and everyday stress. Emotional symptoms left unchecked often manifest into physical symptoms.

Purchase this product and

receive 20% OFF!

Call now to purchase! 678.450.1570 


Anti-Aging Ginger Spice Wrap

Bask in a detoxifying and anti-aging mineral mud wrap that combines collagen-stimulating ginger and essential minerals to hydrate and rejuvenate the body.


Reserve your treatment today and receive 10% OFF!


Full-Face Makeover Awaits You!


Receive a Jane Iredale Selfie Discount

Allow talented estheticians to help you pick your summer and fall colors with a Full Face Makeover for $65. After your makeover, use the professional selfie lighting to take the best photo ever and post it on your social media, tagging The Spa on Green Street.

Post the photo and tag us and receive 10% OFF any Jane Iredale makeup purchase!


Farmhouse Fresh Sundae Best Chocolate Facial


This treatment is made with cocoa, coconut milk, honey and COQ10!

It’s a skin softener and revitalizer, along with a great wrinkle defender.
This is a very active mask, not suitable for highly sensitive skin or rosacea-prone skin. 
You may purchase a jar of this amazing mask to continue the experience at home. It’s definitely for chocolate lovers everywhere!

Purchase this one-hour treatment and receive $10 OFF (regular price $95).


“Never Be The Same,” Camila Cabello


You won’t be able to get this song out of your head! Have you tried the Amazon Music app? It’s a game-changer!


Create Joyful Rituals


We’re talking simple rituals of joy, like eating a handful of trail mix on your way to work, or reading a daily motivation every morning with your bare feet snuggled under a blanket. We love this quote because it’s little things that remind us of contentedness and bring us back home after the stress of a day settles.


The newest addition to Things We Love. Because ... well, why do we need a reason? It’s adorable!


On a day-to-day basis, you come into contact with many stressors. 

Often, you may not think they affect your body and mind. But even simple posture changes, the office chair at work that doesn’t have good back support, or the bag you carry on your shoulder every day could be the culprit. And we ALL internalize daily stress from work and home.


Regardless of the original cause, massage can help alleviate the negative effects of stressors. Studies have shown that massage is helpful for an array of issues including:

-Reducing stress
-Muscle pain and tension
-Joint pain
-Back pain
-Digestive disorders
-Myofascial pain
-Sports injuries
-Soft tissue strains and injuries
-Stress-induced insomnia

We’ve provided a quick overview of the types of massage and the benefits each provides:


Warrior’s Therapeutic Massage
Soothes and heals, affects deeper muscle fibers of the body, increases flexibility and range of motion, gives you the competitive edge.

AromaChord Massage
Relax, revitalize, detoxify or balance.

Herbal Poultice Massage
Mental stress and anxiety, pain relief, muscle relaxation, improved flexibility.

Mello Momma Maternity Massage
Back pain, feet pain, joint pain, better sleep, improved circulation.

All massage is not the same. Reserve an appointment with the experienced and qualified massage professionals at the spa. We offer a variety of massages and can help recommend which would be best for you.


See you soon at

The Spa on Green Street!

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