Body Treatments

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude and appreciation; allow us to nurture your skin purely, naturally and organically with no harsh chemicals, dyes or perfumes. Healing from the inside out!

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The Detox Body Glow

A guest favorite! Organic body sugar exfoliation will transform your skin into feeling as silky as butterfly wings. Then you will be treated to a luxurious balm of avocado butter and wrapped with a deep healing detoxifying far infrared blanket that envelopes your body in a warm embrace. Enjoy a scalp and facial massage while you bask in the warmth.

60 minute $110

Coconut Dream Body Bliss

A memorable gift for someone special or a girls' day out treatment. Experience total body hydration and renewal. After a dry brushing treatment that stimulated your lymphatic system, you will be cocooned in a body mask of luscious avocado butter blended with omega-rich coconut oil. Your skin is then allowed to deeply hydrate while wrapped in a far infrared blanket. Enjoy a scalp and facial massage while you float off into the bliss.

60 minute $110

Mineral Salt Body Polish

Terrific paired with Signature Massage or any facial! Remove dull, dead skin cells to reveal a younger, smoother you. Conclude with an application of Anakiri’s Moisturizing Body Lotion for a silky, dewy finish.

This is a 30-minute service $65