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Steve Collins, DAOM

Steven Collins, DAOM, has been practicing Chinese medicine since 2001. Focusing on acupuncture, tui na, qi kung and other tools from the toolbox of Chinese medicine, he treats many complaints including pain of all sorts, fatigue and “sticky” diseases. His primary practice principle is that any given presentation can be treated with a minimum number of needles. Steven is well regarded in the medical community and by his patients.

Steven’s work has appeared in national publications and he has lectured across the country on a number of aspects of Chinese medicine including tui na and herb-drug interactions. He is currently authoring a text on enhancing communication between health care professionals and their patients or colleagues.

In addition to practicing Chinese medicine, Steven teaches Southern Chinese kung fu and in March of 2007 was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He is an accomplished magician and performer and has been recognized as one of the top-10 magicians in the state of Florida. Steven can be reached at

I am not a client of the Spa, however Dr Collins not only did my facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatment when he was here in West Palm Beach ... He took care my sciatic attack with just one single needle, he is an amazing Medicine man.

He is caring and loves his job.

Thank you Dr Collins

Acupuncture Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine works by reestablishing balance and harmony within the body. This means balance between yin and yang, in the five phases: the viscera, the bowels, the Chi, the blood and the body fluids. Its balanced unimpeded flow is critical to sound health.

Acupuncture seeks to regulate the flow of Chi and blood within the body by either inserting fine, sterile needles at certain acupoints or warming certain acupoints using various methods. Chinese herbal medicines may be prescribed internally or applied externally.

As an important component of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture treats the full range of acute and chronic, traumatic, infectious and internally generated illness. Acupuncture is an excellent and effective choice for chronic diseases, all kinds of pain symptoms, muscle dysfunction, endocrine disorders, neurotic and mental diseases. Acupuncture also helps improve the immune system and build up body health.

Typically, acupuncture needles are fine and flexible. They are no bigger around that a human hair or a piece of fine thread. Deftly inserted into an acupoint by a skilled acupuncturist, the slender needle produces little or no sensation. It might best be described as resembling a mosquito bite. When the needle makes contact with Chi (the energy), most patients experience a slight tingling sensation. First-time patients are usually amazed at how comfortable they are during treatment.
30 Minute Relaxation Acupuncture

Are you in need of a POWER NAP but you are short on time? Do you feel run down and need a break during your day to recharge? Come try our Relaxation Acupuncture session and recharge your batteries today.

Dr. Steve allows you to enjoy 30 minutes of deep relaxation by specifically targeting acupuncture points that allow your body to go into a state of deep relaxation. Enjoy a cup of our hot herbal tea, then drift away from the hectic pace of your day. You will receive a shot of our Spagheric greens after your session to put the pep back into our step leaving you to walk away fully recharged. This session can be enjoyed alone or added pre or post any Luxury Spa service.

30 mins $65.00

30 Minute Simple Relief Acupuncture Session
Simple Relief 30 Minute Symptom Relief Do you have a bothersome cold, headache, acute pain not caused by a chronic health concern? Are you short on time but need relief? This will be the best spent 30 minutes of your day!!! These sessions are for acute complaints including: Acute back pain or strain, muscle spasms/tight shoulders, Acute neck pain, Headache, menstrual cramps, Stress, Acute anxiety, Toothache, Early cold symptoms (1-3 days). If you have some time to spare, book this appointment with a One Hour CBD massage or any one of our Specialty massages or facials for the GREATEST RESULTS!!!



Medical Acupuncture involves herbal and dietary counseling, health assessment and a variety of treatment options including acupuncture, tui na, gua-sha and cupping. This service is for those looking to treat chronic conditions and health related concerns through following Chinese medicine practices. A proven method for centuries!

Initial Medical Acupuncture with Treatment | 90 min $150

Medical Acupuncture Follow Up Care | 60 min $90 | 45 min $75

Acu-Lift Facial Acupuncture Anti-Aging Series

For over two thousand years, women in the East have known the benefits of acupuncture for health and beauty. This technique is drug-free, almost painless and can last for years. Acu-Lifts are scheduled three times a week for three weeks. Each treatment lasts roughly 60 minutes and includes needles placed in the face, wrists and legs. No chemicals or foreign substances are used apart from the sterile needles. It is recommended that a client return at least once a month for a “tune-up” treatment. A natural alternative to Botox or other chemical injections, a short, free consultation is required before beginning the series.

• Facial rejuvenation • Wrinkle reduction • Crow's feet • Frown lines • Complexion care

Series of 3 Event Lift $375

Series of 9 Maximum results $1125

Acupuncture Facelift Success Story

I recently had the Acupuncture Facelift at the Spa on Green Street. I received 9 treatments over the course of 3 weeks. After only 3 treatments, I could begin to feel a difference in my skin. It felt more subtle, the color was healthier – more of a natural glow - and my skin was not as dry. After each treatment, I was able to see and feel a difference. At the end of the treatments, the lines around my mouth – my parenthesis – were less deep and noticeable. My forehead was smoother and tighter. Application of moisturizers and makeup seemed to go on smoother, and was less prone to caking in any facial lines. Overall, the experience was a positive one with a positive outcome. I cannot say enough wonderful comments about Dr. Steve Collins and the staff at the spa. THANK YOU!!!

Non-Acupuncture Treatments

Benefits of Tui Na
A typical session of Tui na Chinese Body work can vary. The session timings may vary depending on the patient's needs and condition. Clients remain clothed, wearing loose clothing. Tui na methods can include soft tissue massage, manipulation, acupressure in conjunction with herbal compresses, ointments, liniments, and heat. The best part of the therapy is that it relaxes as well as energizes the person. The main benefit of tui na massage is that it focuses on the specific problem, whether it is an acute or a chronic pain associated with the joints, muscles or a skeletal system. This technique is very beneficial in reducing the pain of neck, shoulders, hips, back, arms, highs, legs and ankle disorders. It is a very effective therapy for arthritis, pain, sciatica and muscle spasms. Other benefits of this massage therapy include support for other stress related disorders like insomnia, constipation, headaches and other disorders related to digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems.
Medical Qi gong
Medical Qi gong therapy consists of treatment by a practitioner to regulate the client's Qi. After the treatment the client will be given Qi gong prescriptions to assist in their ongoing healing. Tailored specifically to the client medical Qi gong exercises use physical movement, breathing methods and mental intention to correct and restore the function in the body. Medical Qi gong is a complete system of health care that recognizes the root causes of symptoms or disease, and treats the client as a whole. Practiced as an excellent adjunct to Western medicine, Chinese medicine may successfully treat people with conditions which Western medicine finds resistant or ambiguous. .
Gua Sha
Another ancient technique, gua sha involves gentle scraping along the body. The scraping releases toxins or "sha" from beneath the skin. Most people experience a sense of warmth as the heat is released, followed by a sensation of coolness. Gua sha has many applications from muscle soreness to relieving a fever.
30 min | $65
Fire Cupping
Cupping is one of the oldest treatments in Chinese medicine. A small piece of paper is lit and placed in a glass cup. The cup is placed on the patient's body. The fire goes out and the patient is not burned. The heat creates a suction that pulls out spasms and toxins from the body. Cupping may leave what looks like a bruise, but is actually painless.
30 min | $65
Dietary Therapy and Herbal Consult
60 min | $150