Functional Medicine

Dr. Michelle Fehmel

Functional Medicine, also known as “Root Cause Medicine,” is on the cutting edge of health care now. Medical doctors and chiropractors are becoming certified in this discipline to be able to give patients more of what they need and want in addressing their health concerns.

If you are already a patient in my office, you have probably heard me ask you this question: “What conditions need to be met for your body to heal at its highest level?

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, it is my job to find these conditions, as well as the heaviest loads your body is challenged by, then work to correct them at the source.

Many patients like to start this process with a Complimentary Functional Medicine Consultation, where we can briefly discuss your case and decide if Functional Medicine is right for you.

The next step in becoming a Functional Medicine patient is a thorough Online Questionnaire, which will be emailed to you to fill out before your Initial Evaluation. I then will review your questionnaire, along with any labs, imaging, or relevant medical records before your first appointment in the office. During the initial evaluation, we will come up with a game plan for finding the root cause(s) of your condition.

If labs are appropriate for you, then we typically get that process rolling the same day!

One of the most notable differences from traditional models is the Advanced Lab Testing we have available to us. We can now send our patients for advanced blood, stool, urine and saliva testing (most of which can be done at home). These labs include advanced GI testing often to determine specific infections, as well as intestinal permeability (aka “Leaky Gut Syndrome”), Nutrient Deficiency, Wheat/Gluten/Celiac Sensitivities, Food Sensitivities, extensive Thyroid and Hormonal Imbalance testing, Cortisol/Adrenal challenges, advanced Cardiac Profiles, MTHFR methylation/genetic testing, Heavy Metal testing, etc.

Common conditions a Functional Medicine Practitioner sees include: Fatigue/Energy, Weight Gain, Pain and Inflammation, Immune System Challenges, Food Allergies, Mood Imbalances, Hormonal Issues, Anxiety/Stress, Digestive Complaints/Intestinal Permeability, Attention/Focus Issues, Detoxification Issues, Chronic Pain, etc.

Once the results are back, we will follow-up to discuss any Nutritional changes, and get you started on Holistic Protocols from our extensive and continuously growing All Natural Pharmacy at The Spa to begin your journey of healing!