Hormone Health

Life and Vitality are Dependent on Balanced Hormone Health!

The approach to hormone health has taken many turns over the last 50 years. With the latest research helping to paint more of a complete picture about hormones, it appears best to seek the least invasive, least drastic measures first to help restore the body’s delicate balance. Here at The Spa on Green Street, we are committed to helping people find health and wellness through a comprehensive approach that involves nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction, as well as the use of gentle herbal and homeopathic therapies when needed.

As the body ages and goes through its various changes in life, our internal chemistry is constantly working to maintain balance – that's called homeostasis. In today’s hectic world with busy schedules and constant demands, stress has a huge impact on the way this balance is regulated and many of the symptoms of hormone imbalance can begin to appear. These symptoms range from depressive mood, irritability, anxiety, physical and emotional exhaustion, to hot flashes, sleep disturbances, joint and muscular discomfort, sexual problems, urinary tract symptoms and vaginal dryness. As you can see, many of these symptoms are shared by both men and women.

Furthermore, our environment has shifted dramatically in the last few decades. Many modern chemicals in our food and water supply have been shown to negatively affect the body’s delicate hormone balance, creating a host of real life problems including various hormone-related cancers.

These are the concerns that people have today, people like you who are seeking a gentler, more holistic, more comprehensive and integrated approach to their health concerns. We will work with your doctor if you already are under medical care. State-of-the-art laboratory testing technologies as well as BioEnergetic Assessment will be utilized to customize a plan that’s right for you. The therapies are fully discussed before you begin, including your expectations and that of your practitioner, which in turn helps to form a solid partnership moving forward.

It is our privilege to help serve your needs in this vital system of your body. To your hormone health!