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July 6, 2019
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August 22, 2019


“Invest your finances wisely, your health is the greatest asset you have in your life.”


The Spa on Green Street is a home away from home for me personally and for our team members as well. Our passion is wellness, and my hope is that when you enter the doors, you can feel the loving care that surrounds you, a rare and often elusive experience in the world we are living in today.

As a mother of a child that fought and survived cancer and a debilitating stroke, wellness took on a new meaning for me. I learned that what we do here is provide you with HOPE. with the tools to give yourself the best foot forward relative to your mind, body and spirit. My daughter is here today because I had developed a lifestyle with my family of preventative strategies. I have learned from my years at the spa that our bodies need extra support in such a toxic world. My child, according to the doctors was the healthiest sick person they had ever come across. They attributed her survival to the fact that her body was at its healthiest point when the crisis occurred.

Educating and supporting others to find this “optimal point” became my passion and mission for our Spa. There are many things in this crazy world of ours that we can not control, but we do have control when it comes to managing our overall health. Our goal is to take charge of these things so that we all may be prepared in the moment for the unforeseen challenges that may or may not lie ahead of us. Start your journey by learning and doing all that you can do to find your “optimal point”. Take advantage of everything we offer here; luxury massage services, body treatments, chiropractic, functional medicine, Chinese Medicine, FREE Tai Qi on Saturdays on the lawn at 9 am, and more! I am so excited about the growth of our wellness department and the level of care we can provide to our Spa family and our community.

Invest your finances wisely, your health is the greatest asset you have in your life. There are many areas that deserve your focused attention but none so much as your physical and mental well-being. Let me know if there is anything else you would love to see us offer. We are here for you!!! Start putting your best foot forward, it happens one decision at a time.