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Dr. Bobby Jones

You can say that Dr. Bobby Jones is coming back home. Raised on a farm in middle Tennessee, he grew up working the fields raising crops (corn, wheat, soy, and tobacco), tending the livestock (cattle and hogs) and enjoying country life. But after graduating from high school, his path took him many places, including spending seven years in Georgia. After 18 years of living and working in Portland, OR, he’s excited to be back in the south and closer to family and friends.

Dr Jones’ Path to Chiropractic

Nearly 30 years ago while living and working in Kennesaw, GA, Bobby Jones fell from a 6-foot ladder onto a carpeted concrete floor causing severe pain in his left hip and lower back. A three-hour wait in the emergency room led to a brief exam and x-rays. The doctor informed him “nothing was broken,” prescribed him muscle relaxers and pain medication, and sent him home to recover in a “couple of days.” After three days, he was still in so much pain that he was unable to raise either leg high enough to climb the stairs out of his basement apartment.

Luckily, a friend took matters into her own hands and brought him to see her chiropractor. After a comprehensive evaluation and additional x-rays, the chiropractor determined that Bobby’s pelvis and lumbar spine were out of alignment. “He did a very thorough exam, adjusted me, and when I got off of the table I was 90% better. I experienced a miracle.”

It took a few years before Bobby Jones decided to become a chiropractor, but that event changed his entire outlook on healthcare, and he is now lucky enough to observe similar “miracles” with his patients every day.

Education and Experience

In 2001, Dr. Bobby Jones graduated valedictorian of his class with the University of Western States in Portland, OR. Over the course of 21 years, he has practiced and furthered his studies across the US. He spent two years in practice in New England (Vermont and New Hampshire), before traveling back to the West Coast. He has practiced in the Portland, OR area since 2005.

Following graduation, Dr. Jones furthered studied numerous chiropractic techniques, earning several supplemental certificates. He was an Activator Methods Advanced Proficient practitioner for many years. This technique allowed him to stress check the patient at each visit to determine what levels of the spine to adjust to receive the maximum benefit without over-treating. But he felt he was still limited to what he could do for his patients.

It was when he studied with Dr. Tedd Koren, that things started to fall in place and opened his mind to the complexity of the human body and the relationship of energy and emotion to physical health. He now uses this understanding, named Koren Specific Technique (KST) which each patient he sees. This approach that allows him to adjust the patient in any posture which increases symptoms throughout their day/night. Dr Jones feels this approach provides the best way of analyzing areas that increase stress to the nervous system, especially when the problems are position related. This technique also allows the doctor to investigate other areas affecting health into consideration during treatment.

Dr. Jones is a strong advocate for proper nutrition, including identifying specific diet sensitivities and dietary deficiencies. Based upon the cutting edge work of Dr. Frank Springob’s Morphogenic Field Technique, Dr. Jones is able to assess the body's specific nutritional needs. He understands that proper nutrition is vital to not only help the body heal, but also to thrive. Without good nutrition, you can’t make good healthy cells.

Dr Jones is also trained in homeopathy and other energy-related modalities. He will often recommend homeopathic remedies to stimulate the body’s own innate power to heal when indicated.

He is married to wife Sandy and have spent their spare time (and money) restoring a 1912 farmhouse in Gresham, OR. They swear they will never do that again. They are the caretakers for three cats and several fish.