Hi, I’m Jennifer Brown
I have worked as a therapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) helping others develop self-insight, move past personal obstacles, and create a more balanced and harmonious self for 20+ years. I currently have a private practice in Gainesville working with individuals ranging in age.
I believe that creativity is a core trait of everyone and manifests itself in a multitude of ways. I have added this non-therapy approach to my repertoire because it is a powerful format to use for self-reflection, as well as a powerful trait to connect to in order to propel one toward their true purpose.
Out of all the trainings I have received, one of my favorites is the Artist’s Way Process. I am excited to add this modality to the approaches I use to help others become their best selves.

Artist’s Way Description

Artist’s Way is a 13-week process (12 weeks, plus an introductory week) that helps people reflect on their true self, identify and work past obstacles to one’s desires, and move forward into creating and manifesting one’s true purpose. This approach is gentle but powerful and applies to a myriad of personal goals one may be looking to achieve (like work-life balance, career change, life transitions, etc.). The process follows the format of the book by Julia Cameron that has helped people for over 25 years and has sold more than 4 million copies. The process involves 13 weekly meetings structured in a combination of learning, reflecting and creating. There are also morning pages (a type of journaling), artist’s dates (time trying new things), and homework assignments (suggested tasks for further self-discovery). Art is used as a metaphor to aid one’s self-reflection and growth but NO ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.
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