August 2020

Safe Summer

We are Here for you to Keep you Healthy and Stress Free.

Acupuncture? Functional Medicine? Relaxing body work and skin care? .
We are so glad to be arriving safely in August with you and we hope you are continuing your self-care during these trying and stressful times.

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July 2020

Happy July

Turn Up the Heat on Your Health

The Spa is currently open Tuesday - Saturday from 9am-7pm during the month of July, although this may change based on demand

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June 2020

Nominate Dad For a Makeover!

Not sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is June 21st.
How will you celebrate Dad this Father’s Day? After months of social distancing, it’s time to reward Dad.

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March 2020

Yes, You Really Should Be Outside

It’s so important to step outside.

You’ll feel better. Time after time, studies have shown how being outside decreases levels of cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone. Your heart rate will also go down, along with levels of inflammation. And, while it may seem counterintuitive, taking a walk will actually increase your energy levels. The next time you’re tempted to indulge in an afternoon nap, try taking a walk instead and gauge its effect.

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February 2020

Love is in the Air at the Spa!

February is a time for chocolates, roses and Valentines. It reminds us to tell those we love how much we care about and cherish them. Thankfully, the gifts don’t have to stop at flowers and candy, and there’s no rule against treating yourself to a few Valentine’s Day gifts as well! Whether you’re married, in a relationship or single, there’s always a spa way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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January 2020

3 Ways to Detox Your Body

The holidays have a way of promoting overindulgence, don’t they? The cycle usually begins around Thanksgiving when mom makes her beloved pie. Or let’s be honest, we pick one up from the nearest bakery, and that’s just as delicious (and bonus, less work)! One more drink becomes three more drinks and instead of being intentional with choices, we say “When in Rome!”

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December 2019

4 Steps to a Less Stressful Holiday

We love so much about the holidays: tasty treats, twinkling lights and festive parties. However, we don’t love the stress it often brings. This year, we’ve set out to give you easy steps to a less stressful holiday. Because, if you aren’t having fun then why are you doing it?!

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November 2019

Top Skin Care Tips In Honor of National Healthy Skin Month

1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals in Products

Many retail products contain a large number of toxins. Don’t shop without expert advice!

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October 2019

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Second to skin cancers, breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women. While a yearly screening with your doctor is a great first step, it’s important to remember the following simple tips to reduce your risk: Read More

September 2019

Tips to Put Yourself First & Practice Self-Care Daily

September celebrates Self-Care Awareness Month, which at first glance maybe seems like something you already know how to do. We encourage you to dig deeper and ask yourself the following questions to see if you truly are practicing self-care on a daily basis. Read More

August 2019

How To Create Healthly Lifestyle Habits That You Can Stick With

August is National Wellness Month, and while we strive to celebrate wellness and self-care all year round, this is the perfect time to highlight the importance of taking care of yourself. Read More

July 2019

3 Reasons Proffesional Waxing Is Better Than Shaving

If there was such a thing as a shaving support group, we would be on board with joining. Or we could just start waxing and forget the lifelong emotional damage shaving has caused. Read More

June 2019 Newsletter

Five Well-Being Tips For Global Wellness Day

Global Wellness Day began in Turkey in 2012 and has spread to be a worldwide celebration. Wellness is something we are always on board with, so we’ve shared five tips for well-being in honor of Global Wellness Day on June 8. Read More

May 2019

Top 3 Reasons To Reserve A Massage

We are big proponents of regular, year-round massage and we could talk your ear off about the benefits. We’ll spare you from it this time (you’re welcome!), but we have listed the top 3 reasons why a massage may be just what you need to energize and get your health back into tip-top shape! Read More

April 2019

Benefits to Exfoliating Your Skin

You’ve chosen the best cleanser, moisturize your skin daily and are never without sunscreen outdoors. Kudos to you! But if you aren’t exfoliating, you’re missing an important step of skin care that can aid in keeping skin healthy and youthful. Read More

March 2019

Spring Clean Your Beauty Cabinet

Raise your hand if you have products over one year old in your beauty cabinet! Over two years old? Over five years old? Okay, we aren’t even going to ask over 10, but I bet there are a few of you who still have your hands raised. Read More

February Eblast

We're Fighting the Wrong Battle: Dry Needling Is Not Acupuncture

In 1993 Mark Seem wrote "A New American Acupuncture" in which he popularized and advocated myofacial release using filiform needles. Although much of the book is expository, what he was advocating was the technique that is popularly known as "dry needling." Dry needling has since become a hot topic within the profession of Chinese medicine. Read More

February 2019

Help Your Immune System Stay Strong & Healthy

1. Liquid Vitamin D3 builds strong bones. Dr. John Cannell, MD from the Vitamin D Council, suggests 1000 IU for every 25 lbs. of body weight. Read More