Summer Tips for a Healthy You

Gainesville Times Feature
June 28, 2019


Summer is full of fun, pools, vacation,and warm weather. While it’s all fun and games, the increased dry heat also means an update for your skin and body health. We have asked our licensed therapists to give us their top summer tips for surviving the summer with a healthy body.


“Mix Anakuri Herbal Fusion Oil with your favorite sunscreen (SPF 30+)” – Whitney Pass

The summer heat, while it’s a perfect weather for outdoors, it can also be damaging to your skin from sun damage and de-hydration.By combining our oil with sunscreen you can expect a powerful hydrating and protecting duo for your skin.


“High Frequency is a great treatment to get rid of breakouts” – Ciera Walker

No one wants to go to the beach with breakouts. Our professional esthetician, Ciera has recommended to use high frequency to combat those breakouts for smoother skin.


“Bio Catilyn and Phyto Gel to help heal sunburns” – Kay North

The beach might be all fun and games but if your not careful with your skin we can easily experience a good old fashion sunburn. Combine our Bio Catilyn and Phyto Gel to help get sunburn relief AND this combination also helps to heal any jellyfish stings.


“Stay hydrated during summer activities” – Cathy Kidd

H2O is going to be your best friend throughout summer. Cathy suggests to use our Spectra Min supplement to maintain your energy levels. Simply take ½ tsp once a day in your water or juice and experience increased energy levels. Along with Spectra Min, she suggests to incorporate Re-hydration to keep your body hydrated and aid headaches caused by lack of water (15 drops per liter of water).


“Stay flexible, and keep moving” – Roxann Thomas 

Its very important to keep stretching throughout the summer. During these hot times, a lot of us tend to be more stagnant, especially those who don’t work during the summer. By stretching your muscles you can improve your joint and muscle health. Stretching will increase your blood flow, improve your posture, calms your mind, and helps decrease tension headaches. If your not sure where to start, feel free to contact us and ask about our private yoga sessions with Carmen who will help improve your overall being.