A team is a group of people all working to the same end, all with similar passions, commitments, and agreements, working together to create a wonderful outcome. This is who we are at The Spa on Green Street. We wouldn’t be here today without each individual team member, past and present. We are here to provide an amazing and possibly life-changing experience to everyone who walks in the door. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in all areas and to ensure that you get the RESULTS you are looking for. We promise to provide top-quality solutions to your needs and ensure that you leave our home feeling better than when you walked in. Thank you for trusting us with your health. It’s the best investment you will ever make!


Teryl Worster

Spa Director/Owner

Alisa Cray

Assistant Spa Director

Dr. Bobby Jones


Melita Manafi

Naturopath, Natural Health Practitioner