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The Spa On Green Street

The Spa on Green Street is North Georgia’s premier Wellness Spa and has been voted “Best of the Best” by the Hall County residents. Founded in 2004 to provide the finest in luxurious spa treatments and cutting-edge wellness treatments, we promise to always exceed your expectations.
We welcome the opportunity to help you look and feel your absolute best at The Spa on Green Street


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Dr. Michelle Fehmel

As the daughter of a chemist, Dr. Michelle Fehmel was taught at an early age how to avoid any kind of chemicals (dyes/preservatives in foods, medications, etc) because of their far reaching deleterious effects on the body. She soon developed an interest in proper nutrition and exercise. However, even with her many efforts to stay healthy, Dr. Michelle suffered multiple bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia as a teenager. “My mother suggested that I should find a chiropractor, of which I knew very little about. After my first adjustment, I immediately noticed that I could breath better. Over several months of care, I wasn’t getting the upper respiratory infections any more.” This is when she discovered that chiropractic helped so much more than headaches and back pain. “Without the nerve interference, my immune system was finally working the way it was supposed to.”

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