A Message from Carmen❤️

Greetings to Everyone:

I wish to let you all know how very much I miss each of you.  My students and the classes that we share with each other have become so precious to me.  And we will be together again, but until that time, what shall we do? 
   Where is your yoga mat?  find it, dust it off if that be needed.  and place it where your heart leads you to go.  Now that we have your mat set, let us make a healing atmosphere.  Get your candle, essential oils, incense, what will create balance for you through the sense of smell.  How about some music?  what healing lies within the sound vibrations, chose this one carefully, it is strong.  Now lets think of colors?  what colors are around you as you sit on your mat?  are they loving colors for you?  if not go get something beautiful and set it where you can easily see it. A big puffy pillow that you have always enjoyed the color and textures of.  A picture of someone you love or a place.  A treasure that you have in your house that makes you smile every time you touch it? surround your mat with these true gems. a few will do, you don’t have to build a wall, unless you feel the true need of that.
   Are you ready to just sit on your mat?  in the center of all of this peace and love that you have just created, I hope so.  Sit and close your eyes.  and let all your thoughts be of a gentle nature.  Allow them to flow like a cleansing water in a stream. Don’t try to stop the thoughts, only control the direction in which they travel. Use your imagination for goodness, and the healing of your own self, and others. This is how we change the world, first within the self. This is Yoga!


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