Mindfulness: Knowing Who You Are

Carmen Chambers, Yoga Instructor

We live in a time with the word mindfulness is used as if it the cure for everyone, but what does mindfulness” truly mean? Before we can discover what mindfulness means to us, we first need to be aware of who we are.

We are not the person of our past. Living in the past more than the present has little meaning to any true purpose into your being. It is you right now that gives purpose, you in this moment. Being aware of who you are is being conscious of your state of being in this present time. To not fight it, fear it, or worry, but to just simply be.

We must allow change and growth to blossom inside of us, as a flower or a tree grows in its own beauty.  But this journey is a hard one, and often times one has a tendency to doubt this inward journey. Doubts that are driven by the state of our humanity.

Getting to know yourself takes time, and consistent effort, and means different things to different people. Shall we call this inward experience meditation? A silent prayer? Self contemplation? A growing consciousness?  These words of mindfulness have confusing meanings as they move through the filters that we have created within our own bodies. So I ask, how do you know yourself?

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