Self-Care Journal

September is “self-care awareness month“!

Self-care might seem like something you already know to do, but we challenge you to really meditate on what you need. We have created a list of simple self care journal questions to ask yourself that will dig a little deeper into what your soul truly needs.

Take out a pin and paper and lets get deep.

What do I need today?

We’re talking basic needs to help fulfill your heart. Do you need alone time? Meditation? A long walk? A chat with friends? Whatever it may be, go do that thing. This may be hard to acknowledge at first, but with practice, you will start recognizing your needs more quickly.

How is my body feeling; physically and emotionally?

Take a moment to assess your physical health. Is there pain or exhaustion? Consider what your body needs to function more fully and happily. This can include rest, stretching, massage, rest, yoga, a visit to the chiropractor and more rest. Oh, did we mention rest?! That’s a big one that tends to be forgotten.

What might be causing me stress today?

You would be surprised at the physical and mental toll that worry or stress can take on the body and mind. Sometimes, simply addressing it and determining an action plan can help relieve that constant anxiety. So much of the time, we hope worries resolve themselves. Face your stress and worries, and you will feel a weight lift off your shoulders.

What will make me and my future self happy?

Be honest with yourself about your wants and needs. These can change from day-to-day and they can change over time, so be willing to make changes accordingly. If something isn’t fitting in your life, consider letting it go. If you are having trouble determining what makes you happy, that’s okay! Start by making a list. This may take a few weeks. Add to the list every time you think of something that brings you joy. Once you’ve made a solid list, start narrowing down the items that you want in your life on a regular basis.

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